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Alfresco  Glass Elements

Side Glazing Options - Turn your glass roof into a glass room

Side element SUPER LITE

With fixed glazing below the Terrazza side roof support, fully transparent front elements can be installed, with only a single vertical or horizontal strut required.

Side element LITE

Lightweight fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with an easy-glide sliding wall or a multi-function folding partition underneath, is a very popular combination.

Side element CLASSIC

Sturdy fixed glazing at the top of the trapezium, with a multi-function sliding wall below, or even framed fixed glazing to hold off strong side winds.

The Easy-Glide Sliding Wall – The effortless all-glass system

Easy to open

The easy-glide sliding wall is outstandingly easy to operate.

Actuator function

The intelligent actuator function makes for fast operation of the all-glass elements.


The all-glass elements can be fitted under practically every Weinor patio roof.